Choosing A Great Dentist

Living in this age of technology, we have many great advantages at the tips of our fingers. We can search for reviews on a business and learn key information just from their website. Dental websites are one of the very helpful places people have turned to when trying to find a good place to take their family.

Most dental home pages like will welcome visitors with the name of the head dentist or the name of the office and what services they have to offer. Accreditation, experience, and recognition from councils are proudly asserted to reassure customers they have found the right place. Information like hours of operation, online appointment setting capabilities and several contact methods should be on a well-developed site. Links to a customer reviews page should be proudly displayed to show previous patient satisfaction. Interactive websites provide the onlookers with photos of the lavish office setting and patient rooms of tranquility.

Good dental websites also have a page dedicated to procedures they perform and services they offer. It is beneficial to the patients to have access to as much information about what is available as possible. This page will focus on the preventative, restoration, or cosmetic care provided. Some websites give in-depth details about how each procedure is performed. Others may contain an interactive animated video to educate customers on the practices. While most website don’t list price ranges for their procedure, it is a decision each individual office should make.
Pages dedicated to the office staff provide reassuring information for patients. Giving a voice to each staff member gives patients an insight into who them will be dealing with. Photos of the staff members are often listed with their job title so that nervous new patients will be able to put a name to a face before even visiting the office.

Additional staff information can be listed, as well, such as where they studied type of degree, scholarly achievements, programs completed, and years of experience.
More developed sites will also include a section centered on patient tips and office information. These pages will contain patient forms to print out and fill out before arriving to their appointment. This is an innovative tool to benefit patients who don’t like sitting in offices filling out multiple pages. The tip section on this page can be very informative to new patients. As a last thought, you can provide a page that lists a few helpful tips new patients might need, like what documents to bring with them on their first visit and whether or not they will need to be driven to and from certain appointments.

Lastly, dental websites typically have a policy page. This refers to the general “rules” of the particular office you want to visit. How to make, cancel or reschedule appointments, make payments or file insurance claims, any fees that are added and health history requirements are displayed on this page.